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Anne Berry
Assistant Professor of Graphic Design
at Cleveland State University
Sherry Freyermuth
Assistant Professor of Graphic Design
at Lamar University
Equity and inclusion are essential in building a rich classroom experience, however, many design educators interested in developing inclusive teaching practices may not know where to turn for guidance. Confront, Connect, Communicate:Diversity and Inclusion in Design Education is a repository for the variety of diversity and inclusion related resources that have already been developed and implemented in design education. This curricular toolkit takes a practical approach to the topic of equity by providing college and university design educators with the tools they need to build inclusive practices and assignments into their curricula.

Sherry and Anne met through Design Incubation and built their concept for this project after they both presented on topics related to diversity and inclusion at the 2019 National College Art Association conference. Diversity and Inclusion was a hot topic at the conference, however, the two educators left feeling like they were still on their own in developing practical tools in the classroom. As Co-PI's on this project, they can draw from a wide range of resources to develop this toolkit, which helps design educators who want to address the important topics of equity, diversity, and inclusion and need practical materials to introduce to students.
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