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What we believe in

Curricular tools to empower design educators.

We've identified challenges in design education related to representation, audience, and teaching materials and we want to improve it.
We want to connect design educators with existing resources to help improve the delivery of content related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
By sharing ideas and experiences, we can build a valuable repository for information that can help guide educators and improve the student experience.

Sharing Classroom Experiences

Questioning the Canon: a class project about diversity and inclusion in design history
Feb 21, 2019

The project learning objective is to discuss diversity and inclusion in graphic design and select a graphic designer and why their work should be added to the Meggs' History of Graphic Design textbook.

Why You Should Contribute to the AIGA Design Teaching Resource
Feb 21, 2019

Creating an open culture of sharing helps experienced design educators develop new and innovative ideas, and it empowers new educators with the resources they need for success.

How to Develop a Community Agreement in Your Design Class
Feb 21, 2019

Let your students set the tone for the semester by developing a community agreement together. Here are some tools to get started.

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